Persian Handmade Wool and Silk Rug 10.5×6.10 Ft. (320x210cm)



Authentic Hand Knotted Persian Nain Rug. Made in Iran. Wool pile with white silk highlights and outlines. Soft wool. Fine weave Stunning dramatic design on a dark navy blue field. The photos are the best description. Photos were taken indoors, with a flash. The “light” side and the “dark” side since the color does look lighter or darker depending on where you are standing. The first two photos are of the light and dark sides.

Persian Nain rugs are easily recognized with their typical patterns and sizes. The patterns are very varying and the medallion as well as carpets with repeated patterns occur. Among individual patterns. The colors are dominated by different nuances of indigo blue and madder red. Older Nain rugs can be beautiful products. In the city itself, carpets were manufactured with a considerably higher quality.